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As you might see when visiting this blog, I did not have much time to write posts for this blog lately ! More than a year has passed since my last post !

The main reason is that most of my free time is taken up by my activities at Philosophy & Management. So, I invite you to visit our website, if you did not do it yet (pls note most of our articles are in French, but we start to have some contributions in English and we will even organize seminars and conference in English during our new cycle).

In any case, you can find information on our new cycle of seminars, on this page.

Inspired by the works of J. Baird Callicott, our new cycle will investigate what “nature”, with its 3.5 billion years experience properly managing the earth, can teach today’s managers. Quite a program !

So, I leave you now : the cycle will start shortly !

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  1. Dear Laurent,

    This sounds just great. What an excellent initiative.
    I am quite looking forward to attend this series of conferences in Brussels.
    Please keep me posted and give us further news.

    By the way, it is really good to have you back on your blog!

    Best wishes.

    Sophie (writing from Paris)

  2. Congratulaions! Finally, you found something to do after your 20 hours a day-job! Luc

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