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Face aux bouleversements qui secouent le monde et aux nouvelles puissances industrielles telles que la Chine ou l’Inde, l’Europe paraît souvent en perte de vitesse et démunie. Et cela continuera probablement si l’Europe croit devoir concentrer toutes ses forces dans cette concurrence économique entre nations et régions du monde, bien ancrée dans le paradigme industriel… » read more

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It is too soon to say of course. It is clear however that his worldwide appeal and victory are, at least partly, due to the image of integrity, of moderation and care he successfully projected during the campaign. This more than compensated for the apparent weaknesses and lack of substance in his campaign program. During… » read more

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A tribute to François Vassart and Rudyard Kipligng out of a few reflections on “the world’s most dangerous idea”, Transhumanism In his 2002 book “Our Posthuman Future” and in a 2004 Foreign Policy magazine article, political economist and philosopher Francis Fukuyama designates Transhumanism the “world’s most dangerous idea” because he believes that it may undermine… » read more

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A few general reflections on this particular brain disease affecting some decision-makers in Europe and elsewhere and a practical application on the social mixity decree for the French-speaking schools in Belgium Having worked for the European Commission and national governments as a consultant, a manager of a ministerial chief of staff, I have sympathy for… » read more

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